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Learn about Holistic Dentistry Options in Spruce Grove

Your dental health can often affect your body’s health overall. The dentists at Campbell Dental Centre address not only oral and dental issues like gum disease and cavities, but we see how your dental health intersects with your overall health. To determine the best treatments for our patients, we take a holistic approach to dentistry and consider diet, lifestyle, genetic conditions, and other factors.

When you visit our office, you can discuss different holistic dentistry options. While not intended to cure or prevent health conditions, you may notice improvements in your dental or overall health after practicing different holistic treatments. Talk to the team at Campbell Dental Centre to learn more about holistic options in dentistry.

Holistic Approaches to Oral Health

**Please note that none of these suggestions are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition**

Oil Pulling

Involves using an oil (such as coconut, olive, or sesame) to rinse with for ten minutes, or as long as you can, to naturally help remove bacteria from your gums and your tongue. Brush your teeth right after and you can continue with rinses about twice per week.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinses

This is the same idea, using a normal drugstore brand peroxide rinse (at about 5 usually) and diluted with water, equal amounts, for about a two-minute rinse. You will notice a gentle foaming and this will oxidize most oral bacteria, with the additional benefit of a slight whitening effect over time. Spit out right after the rinse. You can continue about two times per week. Do less often if teeth start to get sensitive, since the cleaning can open up the pores in your enamel while it is removing surface staining. 

Activated Charcoal

This is a supplement that can be purchased in powder capsule form at any health food store. A capsule is opened up, and some of the powder applied to your teeth via a wet toothbrush for two minutes brushing. This promotes oral health by the ability of activated charcoal particles to absorb plaque bacteria toxins and balance out your oral PH levels. Rinse and spit out very thoroughly after and use caution, keeping in mind that it is not to be swallowed. It can also possibly stain some dental veneer or crown materials, clothes, or counter surfaces.

Colloidal Silver

This mineral tincture can be used as a mouth rinse for gums to benefit from its antimicrobial properties. Some people have also claimed that it can possibly help with pain from a tooth infection while they were waiting for their root canal treatment appointment. (Same goes for the Goldenseal herb, and oil of cloves, other supplement options to try to lessen pain with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.)

MI Paste

It is an in office paste we offer to mineralize and strengthen teeth with its bioavailable calcium and phosphate ingredients. You rub this paste on clean teeth before bed at night to absorb minerals directly into the tooth structures. This paste also spot-treats and helps decrease cold sensitivity.

"Tooth Soap"

A natural product that is essential oil based to promote a healthy oral environment and is used as a toothpaste substitute. Another toothpaste substitute utilized often is baking soda mixed with a bit of water, which has long been suggested for reducing inflammation, increasing PH levels, and tooth whitening effects.

Coenzyme Q10

Topical application of this oil in studies has reduced bleeding gums, improving periodontitis conditions, and reducing oral bacteria when in combination with regular cleanings.

Xylitol Rinse & Gum Products

These products, such as PUR® brand, utilize this naturally derived plant based ingredient to prevent bacteria adhering to teeth and can help keep a neutral PH level while stimulating healthy saliva flow in the mouth.

Magnolia Extract

This is applied as a 0.3 Magnolia dentifrice agent, and studies showed a significantly greater gingivitis reduction with the agent than with a control toothpaste without the extract added. See study results in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene volume 12, issue 2, May 2014.

**Please note that none of these suggestions are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition**

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