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Sedation by Campbell Dental Centre in Spruce Grove

At Campbell Dental Centre, we know that some patients are oftentimes overwhelmed with a fear of (or general anxiety towards) general dentistry. That’s why our goal is to make you feel completely comfortable by having cable TV and blankets to keep you warm. Our caring staff will try to make you as content as possible before we start our dental treatments.

However, many patients have told us that – even though everything we do makes a considerable difference in their dental experience - the overall anxiety and fear they experience is not completely gone due to many unpleasant past experiences. If you are one of those patients, know you are not alone. Fear is a very powerful de-motivator. We do, however, want to help you. Sedation is a great way to take the edge off, even sleep through your dental appointments. It also makes our job easier when we know you are calm and comfortable. Don’t let fear hold you back from a great and healthy smile; schedule an appointment today.

Sedation Options

We offer the following sedation services:

  • Nitrous oxide

It is easy, very safe, and has no long lasting effects. It is administered in our office and there are no pills to take. You do not need someone else to drive you home, since it exits your system within minutes of your dental appointment. All you have to do is let us know you would like to try it, and we will have it all set up for your appointment. The degree of sedation you can expect to experience while on nitrous is mild to moderate, depending on the individual. There is a fee for this, and it varies with inhalation time.

  • Oral sedation

“Oral sedation” means sedation by mouth. The sedative medication, whether in pill or liquid form, will be administered by us prior to your dental appointment. It is not safe for you to drive or even walk on the street unattended while sedated, since your reflexes and your judgment are compromised while on medication. You will need someone to pick you up when finished.

  • Intravenous sedation

This is the “quickest” of all the sedation options we offer. The sedative medication is injected and the effect is instant. It is also the most reliable because it can be adjusted during the appointment and is not dependent on absorption, as is the case with oral sedatives.

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