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Improve Your Smile with Dental Bridges in Spruce Grove

If you are missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge can help restore your smile. Dental bridges at Spruce Grove’s Campbell Dental Centre consist of an artificial tooth fused to two crowns. The artificial tooth fills in the gap left behind by the lost natural tooth. The two crowns are placed on top of adjacent natural teeth or dental implants to hold the artificial tooth in place, thus creating a bridge. 

Dental bridges are permanent and cannot be removed; however, by being permanently fixed in place, it provides much needed stability. This process is done over multiple visits, and the dental bridge generally last many years with good home care.

Types of Dental Bridges at Our Spruce Grove Office

There are two different types of dental bridges available at our Spruce Grove office. Traditional bridges and implant bridges:

  • Traditional bridges – Traditional bridges attach to your natural teeth using crowns. Both natural teeth have to be filed down or re-contoured in order to fit crowns onto them.
  • Implant bridges – If you do not have healthy teeth to support the bridge, then dental implants are used. Implants are surgically placed into your jawbone. The bridge’s crowns then attach to the implants. Implant bridges can replace one or two or several teeth.

Our dentist can determine whether or not your remaining natural teeth can support a dental bridge. Contact our Spruce Grove office to learn more.

Why Try Dental Bridges – Know the Benefits 

Dental bridges offer the following benefits:

  • Smile restoration – Bridges can fill in the spaces left behind by missing teeth, therefore restoring the look of your smile.
  • Chewing and speaking improvement – It’s hard to chew or speak when you’re missing teeth. A dental bridge restores your smile as well as your speaking and chewing abilities.
  • Teeth drifting prevention – When you are missing a tooth, the other natural teeth left behind can shift out of place and into the empty space. Inserting a dental bridge ensures your remaining teeth stay in place. 
  • Maintain face shape – If you are missing teeth, there is a chance your cheeks may look sunken in or saggy. By filling up the empty spaces in your gums with a dental bridge, you can help maintain the shape of your face.

Are Dental Bridges Right for You?

Dental bridges are just one option to replacing missing teeth. You may require a dental bridge if your jaw cannot support a dental implant. Dental bridges are also a better option for those who have large fillings or need crowns on the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. A dental bridge not only fills in the gap left behind, but the crowns attached to it help support and strengthen the surrounding teeth. If you aren’t sure if dental bridges are right for you, contact Campbell Dental Centre.

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